Glenn Alexander & Shadowland

In 2016, I produced, recorded, mixed, wrote horn arrangements for and played on this release from guitarist Glenn Alexander. It’s a cool blending of soul, rock n roll, and country. Glenn’s got a unique thing going and the band is a ton of fun.

From the liner notes:

This recording has been a true labor of love, with wonderful contributions from all involved. Moreso, it’s been a gathering of friends, making music together for the sheer joy of creating and telling stories for the world to absorb and enjoy. Beginning last year, I pushed, pulled, cajoled and basically dragged Glenn into making this project. The reasons are multi-faceted but quite simple: He is a wonderful guitarist, a consummate musician’s musician, a beautiful human being, and he writes and tells compelling stories through music. It was – and still is – my conviction that his stories are worth telling and certainly worth hearing.

Every great song tells a story. Every great song takes you on a journey, to a place, a time, a feeling, a desire first experienced by the songwriter, then translated into words and music for you, the listener, to enjoy. To learn from. To cry with. To sing in joy at the top of your lungs with. Lyrics of great songs transport you , sight, sound and feeling to a place, time and emotional state of the songwriter’s choosing; to live in their moment, captured in song. Here, you’ll find Glenn’s stories. the hows, whys, and whatnots that make his music uniquely his own, and why these stories speak so strongly to, and through, him. Enjoy!